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Buy AC at the Best Appliances Showroom in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu experiences a relatively warmer climate when compared to the rest of the country. Its proximity to the equator and its presence on the dry side of the Western Ghats contribute to dry and arid summers. An air conditioner has become a necessity in most cities in Tamil Nadu.

Factors to Consider When You Buy AC Online

Once a customer decides to buy AC online from the Sathya air conditioner store, they will encounter a wide variety of choices that are sure to leave them confused. Here are some of the factors to consider to narrow down the choices.

Type of AC

You can choose between window or split AC and inverter or non-inverter AC from the air conditioner showroom. Split ACs are more aesthetically pleasing and more efficient while window ACs are easier to install and are cheaper. Inverter ACs can reduce energy consumption, but they are more expensive.

Tonnage or Capacity

The capacity of the AC depends on the size of the room where it will be installed. Here is a rough estimate to use as a guide when you shop at the Sathya air conditioner store.

Less than 140 sq.ft - 1 Ton
140 - 180 sq.ft - 1.5 Ton
More than 180 sq.ft - 2 Ton 

Energy Efficiency

Sathya AC showroom in Tamil Nadu stocks air conditioners of BEE ratings varying from 1-star to 5-star. The ones with 5-star are highly efficient and will reduce the electricity bill in the long run.


Many of the latest AC come with additional features such as turbo-cool, auto-restart, timer, etc. Sathya store lets customers buy AC in EMI and offers a wide array of choices on the latest AC with various features.

Installation and Maintenance

Selecting the AC is only one half of the job. Its installation and maintenance determine how effective the AC is and whether it really serves the purpose. As a reputed AC showroom in Tamil Nadu, Sathya store offers installation services on ACs.


The price of the AC is an equally important factor to consider. Sathya store lets you buy AC in EMI. This way, the customer does not have to compromise on features or energy rating. Sathya also offers discounts on all the leading brands.

Trusted AC Showroom in Tamil Nadu

Sathya store has a legacy of close to four decades. The exceptional service and wide variety of products on offer have allowed us to expand from a modest shop in Tuticorin to a brand with over 81 showrooms spread all over Tamil Nadu.

We offer online delivery, EMI and exciting discounts to make your summers more enjoyable and comfortable.
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