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Buy Washing Machine at the Best Appliances Showroom in Tamil Nadu 

It is no secret that washing clothes through hands can be an extremely tiring process. Considering that electronic appliances have become a necessity in today's fast-paced life, owning a washing machine is now a given. But purchasing electronic appliances for the home can be a confusing process! Do not worry; Sathya stores in Tamil Nadu have got you covered. Located in almost all cities of Tamil Nadu like Ambattur, Attur, Gudalur, Ooty, Pollachi, Senji, Trichy, Vellore, Walajapet, etc., provides both store services and online home delivery options. You can benefit from the reasonable pricing and weekend offers available at the Sathya store website while looking for a washing machine that will suit all your needs.

The various features and filters available on the website will make your online washing machine experience quick and hassle-free.

Add to Compare 

Buying electronic appliances can be complex and confusing due to the numerous options available. To solve your dilemma, the Sathya store website offers a ‘Add to Compare’ option where you can shortlist various washing machines and add them to the compare list. When you open the compare list, you will be able to see all your options in a gride view which makes it easier to compare all your options and make the best decision.

EMI Options 

If you do not want to make the whole payment at one go, you can avail of the EMI offers. EMI options are available from as low as Rs 901. This will let you enjoy the luxury of a washing machine in a more pocket-friendly way.

Connect to Store 

When you have made up your mind to buy washing machine, you can connect to the store, and they will get back to you. For your convenience, the store will ask for a preferred time to call you back. Through this, you can confirm your order and ask questions, if any. You can also change your locations easily through this option.


The various filters available on the website like price, brands, capacity, and function type will make your search easy and quick. Each listing displays detailed descriptions of the washing machine like weight, warranty period, body type, type, etc. The right-side panel not only tells you the EMI options available but also how many pieces are available in the store.

What Sets Sathya Stores Apart

Apart from showing numerous options available, the store website is extremely user-friendly with a smooth interface. In case you face technical difficulties, you can call the customer care number, which will assist you promptly. The showroom also has various certified professionals that can help guide you through these necessary purchases so that you can make the best choice for your home!

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