V-Guard JAADOO 1200 Square Wave Inverter (JAADOO1200)

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  • Runs juicer/ Mixer/ Grinder easily upto 900W rating
  • Better fan speed than competitor products on 1-2 fan loads
  • At least 8-10% higher backup than any competitors during backup modes
  • Suitable for low voltage areas. Keeps battery healthy & provides backup
  • Intelligent Artificial Intelligence based battery water topping reminder avoids battery damage & reduced life due to water drying up
  • Charges battery from as low as 90 V mains
  • Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections
  • Less energy consumption in a year as compared to any competitors during battery charging from Grid
  • Can switch between Normal and UPS modes easily just by a press of front button
  • Option to use any type of battery available in market as per your choice
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