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Choosing a new AC for your home might be a stressful task. It is better to understand the types before calculating tonnage.

Split AC, Window AC and Cassette AC are some common types of AC.

Window and Split are equally efficient where split AC provide more options. The prime difference between these two is Window AC has a single unit and Split AC has indoor & outdoor units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Room Air conditioner is suitable for 200 sq. ft rooms where one of the walls is exposed to the outside. Window Ac is cheaper and easy to install whereas Split Ac is quieter, stylish and better distribution of air. If you have no exposed walls, Split AC is the only Option for you.
Note the Star Rating of the AC. It usually varies from 1 star to 5 Star.
Remember, highly rated stars = high energy efficiency and better corresponding savings. Hope you got the answer!
  • Look out for various ranges of filters available in an AC like catechin filter, Anti-VOC filter and anti-bacterial filter that eliminates bacteria, virus and trap dust particles. This allows you to inhale pure and healthy air.
  • Check for dehumidifier. It helps to reduce humidity in air, makes more comfortable and cooler
  • Look over the noise level, it usually varies from 30 to 60 dB( Decibel)
  • Auto Restart and Sleep mode Features
Yeah!! The most important component in AC, the compressor works between 190V to 240V. Most of the parts in India has voltages going below 190V. So, it is highly recommended buying a voltage stabilizer for an AC.
  • Temperature Setting
  • Other electronic Appliances in the room
  • Clogged air filters
  • Split AC

    Split AC assures Fast Cooling and Noiseless Operation. Inverter Split AC is the most trustable companion in summer. It comes with Comfortable Cooling performance and Maximum energy savings. Ideal for: Home and Office

  • Window AC

    Window AC eventually distribute Cool air and regulates the temperature. It is economical, requires less maintenance, energy efficient and comfortable. Ideal For: Office, Rooms, Home, Other closed public or work places.

  • Cassette AC

    Cassette AC is designed for powerful cooling performance and wide angle flow. It is also known as Ceiling AC. Ideal For: Office, Shop, Restaurant, School and College.